Kyowaseikan’s Packages


Reliable skills,
and the human touch

We possess the know-how to design both packages and cases. This, combined with our unique manufacturing method,
enables us to create packages of a wide variety of shapes.
For example, we can design packages that combine different materials, such as metals, plastics, and glass. We are also able to give simple packages a level of sophistication and a look of uniqueness by changing the location of the opening or by changing the ratio of its height and width. Kyowaseikan’s design capabilities combine both machine manufacturing and work done by the human hand to bring to life an infinite variety of possibilities.



Attention to the smallest detail

Based on our quality standard, we take thorough measures to prevent defects, pick out faulty items, and prevent inclusion of foreign substances through a series of steps in our inspection system that include material acceptance management, sample testing management, full-scale production quality management, and product inspections.
In particular, our production line not only uses image inspection machines but also conducts many visual inspections during each manufacturing process, thus enabling us to identify defects from a more flexible perspective.



Expanding the imagination
and giving shape to desires

We frequently receive inspiration from the materials
that we use.
A variety of materials such as paper, textiles,
leather, and wood are procured from Japan and other parts
of Asia, as well as Europe and the United States.
We offer a wide variety of materials with different textures
and prices to enable us to suggest the right one for the look
that our customer is after.



Imbuing individuality and value

Different designs can be achieved not only through printing, but also by utilizing methods that are only possible with rigid boxes, to express a greater degree of individuality and luxury.
There are various possibilities, such as processing that include embossing, debossing, foil stamping, leather cutting,
and embroidery, as well as other added decorative elements such as the use of ribbons, charms, metal parts, crystals, and metallic lettering.


05Environmentally friendly

What we can do for the future

We make active efforts to work with materials that are environmentally friendly. We are conducting research and development to increase the productization of eco-friendly materials with a focus on FSC-certified paper, pulp molds,
pulp injection molds, recycled PET, biodegradable plastic, biomass plastic, and recycled polyester.



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