Packages conveying sense of values

In 1914, those days when Japanese women were still dressing hair in traditional style, Miura Case (former company name of Kyowaseikan) has been manufacturing the packages for hair ornaments such as combs and hairpins.

The Founder, Mr. Ruizaburo Miura made his efforts to create packages with expectations received from its appearance and giving pleasure to open the package, and he also devised a design of packages. at spirit is still inherited and we continue the pursuit of creation of packages only Kyowaseikan can do.

We think our packages exist not only for protecting the products, but also moving customer’s mind, inflating expectations and realizing its value. It is because it first through the eyes of the customers. We share a view of the world with our customers, and we work as a partner to keep our commitment to support our customers to create attractive products and to offer the design that inspires imagination. Package itself is a reward like a feeling excited when it is in your hands, and packages can convey the sense of values. This is the desire of Kyowaseikan.